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The Next Generation of Teachers Fund – Future Educators Association – Help PDK identify and attract the next generation of great teachers. The Future Educators Association, solely sponsored by PDK International since 1994, is transforming how America develops aspiring teachers. Starting with high school students, we provide passionate young people with hands-on teaching experience and help them cultivate the skills they need to be successful educators. Your donations directly support programming and curricular resources used by FEA teacher leaders and students.

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Putting the Public Voice Back in to Public Schools – PDK/Gallup Poll – Too often in national education conversations, the voices of everyday Americans — the public in public schools — are drowned out. For more than 40 years, the influential PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools has put Americans’ voices front and center. With your help, we can expand the scope and influence of the 2015 PDK/Gallup poll. We can dig deeper into the issues and deliver more insight on Americans’ values and preferences.

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21st Century Leadership Fund – PDK Emerging Leaders – Each year, PDK identifies a new class of outstanding education leaders—all under the age of 40. The PDK Emerging Leaders program is one of a few national programs to support, promote and help outstanding educators network with each other and assume increasing responsibilities. These young men and women are innovators, thought leaders, problem solvers, and change agents who are making a difference in the field of education. Help us make a difference by supporting the PDK Emerging Leaders through the 21st Century Leadership Fund.

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Undesignated Gifts – By not designating your gift, you give the PDK Educational Foundation Board of Governors maximum flexibility to direct your generous contribution to the area of greatest need.

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PDK & PLT Endowed Scholarships – the PDK educational foundation manages over 70 endowed scholarships supporting young men and women on their path to becoming exceptional teachers. You can view a listing of the scholarships and you can donate to any one of them by calling PDK international at (800) 766-1156.

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Whether you are a teacher or an administrator, PDK provides opportunities and information for educational leaders at all stages of their careers working in diverse locations. Travel, publications, awards, and scholarships make PDK a valuable membership for all educators to have.