A member of the PDK International family of associations


Originally founded in 1906, PDK International is a 501(c)(3) charitable association with a rich history of supporting educators and others in K-12 and higher education.

PDK International also serves as the governing organization for Pi Lambda Theta and the Future Educators Association®.

Board of Directors

PDK is governed by the PDK International Board of Directors, which includes elected and appointed members. In addition to the president, president-elect, and immediate past president, the board has six directors who each represent a specific geographic region (PDF).

Kathleen Andreson
Past President
Curtis Cain
At-Large Board Member
Douglas Christensen
David Hemphill
Region B Board Member
Daniel Hoffman
Region E Board Member
Mary John O'Hair
At-Large Board Member
JoAnn Masterson
Region D Board Member
Mary Ruth Ray
At-Large Board Member
Mark Strauss
Region F Board Member
Jose Vega
Region C Board Member
Angela Walmsley
Region A Board Member
Patricia Williams

Board President


For me, PDK represents the intersection of camaraderie, innovation, and confrontation of real education issues. It is the only organization that provides educators of varied backgrounds with relevant insights, as well as positive energy to continue our important work today, tomorrow, and in the future.