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Bill Bushaw

Bill Bushaw is the executive director of the PDK International family of associations, which includes the Future Educators Association® for precollegiate prospective educators; Pi Lambda Theta, a collegiate honor society; and PDK, a prestigious professional association of educators. A retired captain in the U.S. Navy, Bushaw has a wide range of experience in education having served as a teacher, principal, director of the North Central Association (NCA) in Michigan, and as deputy superintendent at the Michigan Department of Education.

Bushaw’s Ph.D. in education policy is from the University of Michigan. His
professional interests center on policy, student assessment, and school accountability.

He is married to Irene (Redumis) Bushaw, and they have one daughter, Jennifer.


Bill Bushaw, Executive Director

Jim Fogarty, Director of Development

Ashley Kincaid, Director, Pi Lambda Theta

Joan Richardson, Kappan Editor


For me, PDK represents the intersection of camaraderie, innovation, and confrontation of real education issues. It is the only organization that provides educators of varied backgrounds with relevant insights, as well as positive energy to continue our important work today, tomorrow, and in the future.