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Data privacy foundation is built on trust

10.05.15 | 0 Comments

By Keith R. Krueger and Bob Moore

There has been no shortage of time and energy spent on the issue of student data privacy in the past several years. While school leaders always have taken student privacy seriously, the failure of the inBloom data initiative, reports of the National ... Read More

Should complex trauma qualify as a disability?

09.18.15 | 0 Comments

By Eric Rossen

A lawsuit against Compton Unified School District (Calif.) will address whether youth experiencing complex trauma should qualify for special education services as students with a disability. The outcome of this lawsuit has the potential to shift how schools operate, particularly those in communities with high student exposure ... Read More

Follow the data to frame new questions

09.11.15 | 0 Comments

This article was originally published as part of the special supplement to Kappan magazine’s 47th Annual PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools. See the full results at www.pdkpoll.org

By Joshua P. Starr

This year’s PDK/Gallup Poll on the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools marks a ... Read More

Is anybody listening?

09.03.15 | 0 Comments

By Joan Richardson

Two large concrete disks fitted with seats don’t attract much attention on the Brickyard gathering spot on North Carolina State University’s campus in Raleigh, N.C. When you sit on the seat in one of those disks and speak in a normal voice, sometimes even in a whisper, ... Read More

Attending to children’s year-round learning

08.27.15 | 0 Comments

By M. Elena Lopez

The annual back-to-school ritual is in full swing. Businesses are busy marketing clothes, school supplies, and easy-to-pack lunches. Media are increasing coverage about the topic. Websites are offering tips to families about the transition of preschoolers to school, what to ask teachers, and how to help ... Read More

Where are the blocks?

08.17.15 | 0 Comments

By Robert L. Hampel

Raising baby chicks, dressing as the letters of the alphabet, stretching out for a nap: thinking about kindergarten evokes many good memories.

It wasn’t all joy. Little traumas spoiled a few days. The bigger boys hogged the soccer balls during recess; 2nd graders teased the girls ... Read More

Mentoring and coaching teachers in India

08.07.15 | 0 Comments

By Samina Hadi-Tabassum

Earlier this summer my graduate students and I mentored and coached first-year teachers in India. All of my students finished their first year of teaching through an urban alternative certification program at my university and traveled with me to India as a part of their culminating coursework. ... Read More

How to be an effective agent of change at your child’s school

07.31.15 | 0 Comments

By Sarah Stitzlein

Being engaged in education change is inherently a political process involving a struggle over the distribution of resources and power, which are at the heart of school improvement. Good parent political dissent requires skills and dispositions to disagree with a typical way of doing things in schools. ... Read More

The California Exeptionalism: Building trust and capacity by decentralizing decisions and politics

07.27.15 | 0 Comments

Part II of a series that examines California’s differing approach to school reform. See the prior post — California exceptionalism: How a deep blue state took on a democratic administration and forged a new way forward in education reform — for the author’s complete view.  

By Charles Taylor Kerchner

The ... Read More

The California exceptionalism: How a deep blue state took on a Democratic administration and forged a new way forward in education reform

07.21.15 | 0 Comments

By Charles Taylor Kerchner

California refused to enlist in the teacher wars, and it’s betting on a peace dividend. Rather than leading its education reforms with tests, punishments, and markets, it has concentrated on capacity building, expanding grassroots democracy, and rebuilding trust. Rather than demonizing teachers unions, it is counting ... Read More


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