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The story of evidence

03.30.16 | 0 Comments

By Joseph Murphy

Let us attend to the most essential problem — the academic community’s belief that it has a monopoly on “evidence.” Scientific evidence is the only evidence that has legitimacy. We are almost on a religious quest to show that this should be the case. From my own ... Read More

A teacher changed my life — now I want to do that for others

03.24.16 | 0 Comments

By Khulia Pringle

I’m student teaching now, which means my days are about learning to walk as a teacher, while also thinking about my practice, craft, and studies. It’s natural for me to think about role models — those teachers who really made a difference in my life.

That’s easy. ... Read More

Let’s think about teacher-student relationships

03.17.16 | 0 Comments

By Douglas Fisher, Dominique Smith, and Nancy Frey

We all generally know that teachers should work to maintain healthy relationships with their students. It’s logical and reasonable. There is even research suggesting that positive teacher-student relationships improve achievement. For example, see John Hattie’s meta-analyses, indicating that the effect size is ... Read More

Confessions of a one-day a week librarian

03.03.16 | 0 Comments

By Laura Thomas

One of the perks of my work is that I never know what’s coming next. I’m a school coach and, more important, a servant leader. My job is to try to fill whatever need comes along — sometimes on my own, sometimes by finding the right person ... Read More

Strategies to help students self-regulate

02.26.16 | 0 Comments

By Beverly Koopman

I don’t like being micro-managed. In fact, most of every day of my life is organized entirely by me, within a set of external expectations. I like it that way, too.

When I watch children of at play, I see them making choices that regulate and organize ... Read More

Why I Teach

02.12.16 | 0 Comments |
Mandy Mikita Scott teaches music because she believes music will enrich the lives of her students, no matter what kind of career they go on to.... Read More

Why I Teach

02.12.16 | 0 Comments |
Chris Graves teaches because he believes he makes things a little better for students because of what he does each day they are in his classroom.... Read More

Why I Teach

02.12.16 | 0 Comments |
Lisa Sarjeant teaches because she believes her students will change the world, and she cannot wait to see what they do.... Read More

It can happen at your school, too

01.29.16 | 0 Comments

By Ben Owens

How can we iterate that idea into something we can test and bring back to the team? Who wants to research this technology and bring their findings back to us? What’s needed to scale that concept in other areas? I like that aspect of the solution, but ... Read More

Age of anxiety

01.11.16 | 0 Comments |
As educators, policy makers, and philanthropic leaders recommit themselves to equity and excellent in education in the coming era of the Every Student Succeeds Act, they should do so with their eyes wide open. Despite the clear horizon, there is still plenty of fear and uncertainty in this age of anxiety.... Read More