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You want me to eat that?

09.30.13 | 1 Comment |

By Bruce Torff

You know what they say about too many cooks in the kitchen. Certainly dinner is no better for it, and usually it’s a lot worse.

Would that this wisdom was better known by teacher education reformers.  Their zeal to improve the quality of teacher preparation has produced, ... Read More

700 hours to read

09.23.13 | 1 Comment | ,

By Joan Richardson

Every Thursday night, I teach an American high school graduate how to read. Kita and I have worked together for two hours a week almost every week for 3½ years. That means that she has invested roughly 350 hours of face-to-face time with me plus a roughly ... Read More

Tipping education

09.16.13 | 3 Comments | ,


I am wondering what it will take to tip education into a more student-centered approach to learning. Malcolm Gladwell’s 2002 book The Tipping Point charged me up — change can happen! Gladwell described transformations that were epidemic in nature, both for good and bad. The good ... Read More

Different roles in tough times

09.09.13 | 0 Comments | ,
Wise organizational leadership sees challenging times as opportunities to grow and learn.... Read More

Flavor of the month

09.02.13 | 0 Comments |
New ideas are hard to accept and learning to put them into practice is even harder. But that's the essence of learning.... Read More

What’s your definition of success?

08.26.13 | 1 Comment | , ,
How do you define success for students?... Read More

Metrics leading charters to blandness

08.22.13 | 1 Comment | ,
For all the talk about a thousand flowers blooming, charter schools are sliding in the direction of monoculture and top-down governance.... Read More

Staring down policy makers

08.21.13 | 1 Comment | ,
Americans are confused and left behind by the developers of the Common Core.... Read More

Dispatches from the road to hell

08.12.13 | 1 Comment | ,
New teacher evaluation policies may be backfiring.... Read More

The flexible classroom: Helping students with mental health challenges to thrive

08.05.13 | 2 Comments |
Students with mental health challenges are increasingly present in our classrooms. A flexible classroom culture that's proactive and supportive can prevent them from becoming disruptive, disengaged, and work avoidant, while leaving the teacher more available for teaching.... Read More


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