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The data backlash

11.19.13 | 1 Comment | , ,
Done right, data collection benefits students more than anyone.... Read More

Nullius in verba

11.14.13 | 2 Comments | , ,
If the state wants to use a high-stakes test, it must be willing to share what it knows about validity of the test with the public.... Read More

Principal advice

11.12.13 | 0 Comments | ,

By Rick Dufour

Oscar Wilde once wrote, “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.” If this is the case, I gained a lot of “experience” as the principal of a PLC school because I made a lot of mistakes.  Based upon these experiences, I share the following ... Read More

Executing schools and killing opportunity

11.07.13 | 0 Comments |
Be deliberate and pause to consider everyone who is affected by a school’s death.... Read More

A university goes to school: Rethinking the university’s role in school reform

11.05.13 | 0 Comments | , ,

By Jessica Nina Lester, Robert Kronick, and Gavin Luter

There is no shortage of ideas around how to reform education, particularly for youth described as “at risk for failure.” In 2012 (see Lester, Kronick, and Benson), we described one approach to addressing the afterschool needs of youth in Knoxville, ... Read More

Trust and learning

10.31.13 | 0 Comments |
We all learn best from individuals we know and trust. School leaders should consider ways to allow teachers to tap into the knowledge of their peers when they are introducing new ideas into schools.... Read More

Cyber skepticism

10.23.13 | 1 Comment | ,

By Jack Schneider

Many in the world of education have become enamored with the promise of online learning.  At the college level, enthusiasm has primarily been channeled into talk about Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, which boosters say will democratize higher education.  At the K-12 level, advocates of ... Read More

Keeping the fun in dysfunctional

10.21.13 | 0 Comments |

By Al Ramirez

Not wanting to disappoint, members of Congress have introduced several bills aimed at reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). The act hasn’t been reauthorized since 2002 but has operated under a series of continuing resolutions, which kept the law intact — kind ... Read More

Classroom culture: Democratic classrooms

10.14.13 | 4 Comments | ,

By Beverly Logas Koopman

The culture of a classroom has a lot of impact on how a classroom operates minute by minute. Entire programs, like Responsive Classroom, have been built around this one reality. For more than a decade, I’ve been using a democratic approach to my classroom’s daily meeting.... Read More

Let’s get personal

10.09.13 | 0 Comments |

By Carolyn Bunting

So much of teaching is now driven by data (i.e., test scores) and dictated by “best practices” that teachers are losing confidence in their own creativity. Yet despite these unfortunate consequences of No Child Left Behind, the important work of teachers remains unchanged — the work of ... Read More

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