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Leadership Workshop

2014 PDK/PLT Chapter Leader Workshop

In December 2013, we emailed PDK & PLT chapter officers asking if they would be interested in attending a PDK/PLT leadership workshop held in conjunction with the Teaching and Learning 2014 conference in Washington, DC, March 14-15, 2014. Unfortunately, very few chapter leaders indicated that they could attend the workshop so we were forced to cancel our plans for 2014. We will try again in 2015.

2013 PDK/PLT Chapter Leader Workshop

We thank everyone for attending the 2013 PDK/PLT Chapter Leader Workshop, “Three Ways to Engage Local Educators,” held in Orlando, Florida, Thursday and Friday, April 25-26.
Download the Workshop Agenda (PDF)


For me, PDK represents the intersection of camaraderie, innovation, and confrontation of real education issues. It is the only organization that provides educators of varied backgrounds with relevant insights, as well as positive energy to continue our important work today, tomorrow, and in the future.