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Curriculum Management Center

PDK’s Curriculum Management Center has the experience, resources, and expertise to assist you in evaluating and improving student achievement.

Audit Training Program

Would you like to learn the curriculum audit principles so that you can review some of the audit components within your own district, or would you like to be trained so that you can provide these services to others as a licensed auditor? The center provides curriculum audit training for professional educators.

The Curriculum Management Audit™

The Curriculum Management Audit™ is recognized internationally as a proven viable and valid tool for the improvement of curriculum design and delivery. Governed by the same principles and standards as a financial audit, the curriculum audit determines how effectively the school district designs and delivers its curriculum. Based on the research of Fenwick English, founder of the Curriculum Management Center, both curriculum policy and the system in which the curriculum functions are analyzed. A final report provides specific recommendations to improve those functions.

The Three-Minute Classroom Walk Through Training

Along with conducting curriculum audits and training professionals in the audit method, the Curriculum Management Center provides professional support to principals and administrators with our renowned training, The Three-Minute Classroom Walk Through.

Our training teaches your staff to assess classroom proceedings, observe teacher instruction, and foster reflective inquiry with staff. This exciting approach to supervision makes a powerful impact on student achievement, teaching, and supervisor/teacher relations.

Coping with High-Stakes Testing: Deep Curriculum Alignment Training

If you want your students to pass high-stakes tests, the curriculum your teachers teach must be deeply aligned with the test.

This intensive training offers the skills needed to construct teacher-friendly curriculum guides that increase the congruence between the written, taught, and tested curricula in classrooms, schools, and school districts that will lead to substantial gains in student achievement on high-stakes tests currently in use.

Questions? E-mail curriculum.audit@pdkintl.org.