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3-Minute Walk Through

The Three-Minute Classroom Walk Through Training

The Three-Minute Classroom Walk Through combines interactive approaches and practicum-style activities, during which time your staff will interact extensively with the instructor and each other as they visit real classrooms.

The skills and information you will learn in this two-day training include:

  • How the walk through observation structure is implemented
  • How the walk through and its accompanying reflective conversations work with the appraisal process
  • How the underlying premises of the approach, which is informal and non-judgmental in nature, focus on the development of staff through reflective choice
  • How the reflective conversation and questions complement the classroom walk throughs
  • How reflective questions are phrased
  • How dynamic, new “reflective conversation dialogues” are conducted
  • How frequent classroom visitations and the walk through process are supported by a strong research base

The ultimate goals of this training are to create:

  • Reflective, self-directed, self-analytical, interdependent teachers who examine their own practices (even those who initially are at the dependent level)
  • Teachers who are continually willing to improve their teaching
  • Teachers who are committed to teaching the district curriculum and working for ever-higher student achievement

The training is site-specific, and we come to you. Your staff does not need to travel out-of-state for this outstanding professional development opportunity.

Questions? E-mail pdkprofessionaldevelopment@pdkintl.org.