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Curriculum Audits™

The Curriculum Management Audit™ is a third-party examination of the curriculum design and delivery system of a school or school district. Both curriculum policy and the system in which curriculum functions are analyzed by the audit team. The report provides specific recommendations to improve those functions.

The audit will compare your district’s performance against five standards. These standards represent working characteristics that any complex organization must have in order to be responsive and responsible to its clients.

These standards pertain to the school system’s ability to demonstrate the following:

  • Control of resources, programs, and personnel
  • Establishment of clear and valid objectives for students
  • Internal consistency and rational equity in program development and implementation
  • Use of the results from district-designed or adopted assessments to adjust, improve, or terminate ineffective practices of programs
  • Improved productivity

The Curriculum Management Audit™ can be oriented to meet the needs of any school district—from large to small—and it can focus on a specific evaluation of a district’s curriculum area, such as reading, language arts, math, or any content area that you designate.

We can provide this flexible approach because PDK builds a custom team of licensed auditors for each audit. Our auditors come from all across the United States, Canada, and Europe and are employed as school district administrators, personnel in state departments of education, university professors, and educational consultants.

The audit team uses documents, interviews, and site visits as major sources of data to determine the extent to which there is congruence among the written, taught, and tested curricula.

Here’s what some superintendents have said about the curriculum audit:

“We put ourselves under the microscope because we want to do a better job in preparing our youngsters for the future.” — Dr. Joe A. Hairston, Superintendent, Baltimore Public Schools

“The audit provided wonderful guidance for our district and firm evidence has been accumulated that shows students are learning.” — George Troxel, Superintendent, Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District

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