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Create an Endowment

Creating an endowed scholarship is easy and wonderfully rewarding. The minimum contribution is $10,000 and can be made in a lump sum, through monthly or yearly donations over a period up to five years, or by making a deferred gift through a bequest, annuity, trust, life insurance policy, or retirement fund. A $10,000 endowment generates a $500 scholarship each year; $20,000 equals $1,000 per year.

Just call 800-766-1156 and ask to speak to PDK’s director of development. Your endowment will be safe and secure and managed as part of an over $11 million portfolio, plus all scholarships are awarded following IRS regulations and are eligible as a charitable contribution.

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PDK International Study Tours bring together two things I’m passionate about: education and travel. The mix of school visits and conversations with cultural experiences has offered me the chance to see new places and think about education in different ways.
DANIELLE DENNIS, PDK member and past Emerging Leader