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High-Stakes Testing

Coping with High-Stakes Testing: Deep Curriculum Alignment

Deep alignment is adjusting what is taught to align with what is measured on the high-stakes test. It increases the fit between what children learn and how they are assessed. Achievement is assured and gains are evident almost immediately. It is a complex process involving intensive effort and skill in curriculum design, delivery, and monitoring.

The topics covered during this two-day session include:

  • Principles of alignment between the written, taught, and tested curriculum
  • Rationale for curriculum alignment
  • Foundational concepts of deep alignment
  • Specialized terminology used in the deep alignment process
  • Sociological perspective of cultural capital and how it relates to students and tests

You will also learn how to:

  • Backload publicly-released test items into the curriculum
  • Deconstruct test items
  • Determine the context, content, and cognitive level for alignment
  • Develop parallel test items
  • Check for text/test alignment
  • Design curriculum guides from state standards
  • Develop a multi-year plan for curriculum review
  • Design a curriculum guide format and its critical components
  • Produce and use a validation matrix
  • Create a curriculum plan
  • Write a curriculum policy

The ultimate goal of this training is to provide educators with the ability to create a curriculum document which will guide teaching that will promote higher student achievement, as it is measured on high-stakes tests.

The training is site-specific, and we come to you. Your staff does not need to travel out-of-state for this outstanding professional development opportunity.

Questions? E-mail pdkprofessionaldevelopment@pdkintl.org.


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