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PDK/Gallup Poll News Coverage

2013 News Coverage

The Washington Post: Poll: Most Americans unfamiliar with new Common Core teaching standards

Los Angeles Times: Public opposes use of test scores in teacher reviews, poll shows

The Huffington Post: The School Bell Is About to Ring for Education Advocates

Education Week: Most Americans Unaware of Common Core, PDK/Gallup Poll Finds

The New York Times: The Common Core and the Common Good

Politico: Polls show mixed report card for education reforms

The Christian Science Monitor: Americans’ confidence rising in public school teachers, poll finds

U.S. News & World Report: Budget Cuts, Not Standards, Are Top Concern for Parents

The Baltimore Sun: Poll: Americans disapprove, don’t know about upcoming education reforms

Gallup.com: Americans Say U.S. Schools Should Teach “Soft” Skills

Los Angeles Daily Times: Education poll: Most Americans oppose free education for children of illegal immigrants

Yahoo!: National PTA Reacts to PDK/Gallup Opinion Poll on Public Education

The Herald Times (Bloomington, IN): Survey: Americans don’t understand Common Core educational standards

Salon.com: Poll: Rising confidence in U.S. public school teachers

The Washington Post (Answer Sheet): Poll: Most Americans sick of high-stakes standardized tests

The Educated Reporter: Gallup Poll Finds More Confusion Over Common Core

Education Week (Charters & Choice): Americans Support Charters, Oppose Vouchers, Poll Finds

The Dallas Morning News: National poll shows Texas reversal on high-stakes testing is part of a broad trend

The Daily Record (Batlimore): Core standards aren’t ‘Common’ knowledge

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU): School vouchers aren’t just bad policy—they’re unpopular, too

Orlando Sentinel (FL): Americans don’t know about Common Core, doubt testing has helped schools improve, poll shows

The Baltimore Sun: Poll: Americans disapprove, don’t know about upcoming education reforms

Indiana Public Media: Do You Know What The Common Core Is? Many Don’t

HechingerEd: Survey: As Common Core enters schools this fall, it’s still a mystery to most Americans 

WLRN (Miami): This Week In Education Polling

Hattiesburg American (Hattiesburg, MS): Do you know what Common Core is?

NPR: In Push For ‘Common’ Standards, Many Parents Left Uneducated