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Innovation and Impact Grants

Through its Innovation and Impact Grants, the PDK Educational Foundation will support the development, implementation, and sharing of new teaching strategies aligned with rigorous college and career standards and associated student assessments. These teaching strategies will be based on innovative approaches designed to have the greatest impact on student learning. Applications may vary significantly; the focus of the grant reviewers will be whether the proposed project is innovative and whether it is likely to improve student learning.

Grants for up to $5,000 each will be awarded to eligible PDK or PLT individual members, groups of members or chapters, along with FEA teacher-advisors as individuals or in groups. The PDK Educational Foundation is responsible for grant administration and the disbursement of funds. The following guidelines should assist grantees in making application.

The 2014 Innovation & Impact Grant Application is no longer available.


1. The project director must be a PDK or PLT member or FEA teacher-advisor. He or she is responsible for overseeing the project including the expenditure of funds, and for reporting final outcomes.

2. A fiscal agent must also be identified, and all grant funds will be transferred to the fiscal agent for disbursement. The fiscal agent must be a nonprofit education organization such as a school district, college/university, or nonprofit association, or it can be a PDK or PLT chapter.

3. Fully completed proposals must be received at PDK International by May 1 using the approved electronic submission process. Proposals will identify: a) the description of the project including expected outcomes; b) the project director’s name and contact information; c) the fiscal agent’s name and contact information; d) the scope of the project, i.e., the number of students and teachers participating, including parents and others, along with the participation of other individuals and partner organizations; e) the support expected from other organizations, including in kind or additional financial support; f) a timeline indicating major project milestones; g) a budget; and h) anticipated opportunities to share the grant’s purpose and results with others.

4. Grant funds may not be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages, entertainment, or personal items.

5. All properly submitted proposals will be reviewed by a committee empaneled by PDK.

6. Grants will be evaluated based on: a) focus on new teaching strategies aligned with rigorous college and career standards and associated student assessments; b) the likelihood of the grant’s success; c) the scope of the project and anticipated support from other organizations d) cost effectiveness, and e) clarity of the application.<

7. The project director will submit a final report at the grant’s conclusion. The report will include: a) a narrative summary of the grant; b) a point-by-point report of how the grant met or did not meet proposed outcomes; c) names of individuals and/or chapters who participated in the grant; d) efforts to publicize the results in local media; e) an accounting of all spent funds, including receipts as required by PDK auditors, and f) any artifacts (print or video) created as a result of the grant.

8. PDK will support award recipients by virtually connecting them during the planning and implementation phases to allow for the sharing of ideas. Grant recipients will be invited to co-author articles for publication in Kappan or Educational Horizons magazines and present at the Teaching and Learning 2015 conference in Washington, DC.

9. If necessary, the project director will submit written project modifications to the PDK executive director for his/her approval.

10. Grants not completed by the approved date will be considered overdue. The project director may request an extension submitted in writing to the PDK Executive Director. The request for an extension will indicate the status of the grant, reasons for extension, and the new anticipated completion date. If the extension is not requested and the grant is overdue by 90 days according to the originally submitted timeline, all unspent funds will be returned to PDK along with an accounting of all spent funds.

11. Inappropriate expenditures, incomplete grants, and grants not following the original guidelines will jeopardize further awards approved for the member or chapter.

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