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How to Infuse Your Field Trip With Critical Thinking

03.31.14 | Classroom Tips | 0 Comments

Have you thought about extending your classroom and its learning opportunities to your local museum as a way to hook your students and enhance their learning experience? Follow these steps to make sure your students get the most out of it.

1. Begin with the end in mind.
The ... Read More

Emerging Leader | Data driven student achievement

03.24.14 | Change Agents: People Making a Difference | 1 Comment


LaTricea Adams is  assessment   and data specialist, and NAEP coordinator at César Chávez Public Charter Schools for Public Policy, Washington, D.C. Here, she answered a few questions about all things education for Kappan.


You have designed curriculum and assessments for the Common Core. From those ... Read More

Learning to lead

04.17.14 | Learning on the EDge | 0 Comments


I learned one of my first lessons about teacher leadership the hard way. It started with a call from a very angry principal one morning when I was a newspaper reporter in Detroit. He berated me about how badly my front-page story that day had ... Read More


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