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Institutional Subscriptions

Universities, libraries, and other organizations can give their users access to Phi Delta Kappan — the top education policy magazine published by PDK International — by purchasing an institutional subscription. The subscription includes one print copy of Kappan magazine and online access to kappanmagazine.org.

Institutions may choose to offer online access to multiple users simultaneously (preferred for universities and libraries) or through password access from a single workstation (for smaller organizations).

Multiple Users (IP Access)

PDK International, publisher of Kappan magazine, partners with HighWire to offer IP authentication to institutional subscribers so that multiple users can simultaneously access online content at www.kappanmagazine.org. The administrator of your institution’s account will be able to manage the subscription online and run usage reports. This is the preferred option for most institutions.

Kappan’s online hosting platform features:

  • Table of contents email alerts when an issue has been published online
  • Citation, keyword, and PDA email alerts
  • Advanced searching and browsing
  • One-click access to favorites titles, including the table of contents for the current issue
  • A citation map that depicts the relationship between the citing and cited articles
  • Ability to export abstracts into standard bibliographic management software formats

Subscription includes one print copy of Kappan magazine.

Single User (Password Access)

Institutions that only need to offer access to one user at a time may purchase single password access to Kappan magazine.

Subscription includes one print copy of Kappan magazine.

Purchase Orders

To pay by purchase order, please download the Kappan subscription form (PDF) and return it by mail or fax.


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