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Kappan is the professional magazine for anyone who cares about K-12 education and features articles about classroom practice, policy, research, professional issues, and innovations in education.

Recent Articles

  • Motivate disadvantaged students to college
    Psychological science has revealed a body of evidence that can help educators motivate disadvantaged students and work to keep them on track through high school and potentially into college; it calls for educators to get the right information to them at the right time.
  • Should supervisors intervene during classroom visits?
    As more administrators shift from traditional, full-lesson teacher evaluations to short, frequent, unannounced classroom visits, an interesting question has come up: Should supervisors get involved during a lesson if they see an opportunity to improve or affirm teaching and learning?
  • The futility of PLC Lite
    The professional learning community process, properly executed, can deliver dramatically improved teaching and learning. But too often it’s followed incorrectly and gains fail to materialize.
  • Kappan Call for Manuscripts
    Our upcoming publishing year promises to be pivotal. In addition to a new PDK poll and a new U.S. president, we’ll be looking at issues ranging from competency-based education, teacher shortages, the stress that school brings to both adults and children, and the return of art and music to education.
  • See all our 2015 PDK poll results

    See all the results on important questions regarding teaching, testing, college, and the Common Core.

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