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American schools: Still separate, still unequal

Sixty years after Brown vs. Board of Education, we are seem to be taking our deliberate time when it comes to social integration and building awareness about the importance of equality in schools…. Read More

Building the bridge from research to practice

Practitioners are using ideas from research. But they’re selective in what they use. Ideas that make it into schools are deemed to be significant, philosophically compatible, realistic, and transportable…. Read More

Learning to lead


I learned one of my first lessons about teacher leadership the hard way. It started with a call from a very angry principal one morning when I was a newspaper reporter in Detroit. He berated me about how badly my front-page story that day had damaged… Read More


The young have not given up on American education…. Read More

How education innovation can thrive at scale

When evidence of effectiveness becomes a basis for program adoption, then innovators with proven solutions will thrive…. Read More

Diverse schools serve all of us

Truly diverse schools are an educational imperative and benefit all students and the broader society…. Read More

Tale of two schools

Charter schools are not delivering enough quality to justify trashing an entire system of public education that has long served this country well…. Read More

Confusion reigns

Are American schools good or bad? It seems that we can’t decide…. Read More

Better ways to use parent power

Children shouldn’t be stuck in failing schools, but parent trigger laws are not the answer for improving their situation…. Read More

PDK Emerging Leader heads back to school

Steven Weber has been a teacher, a state education official, and a school district central office administrator. Now, having developed a broader perspective on education policy and government, he’s back in school as a principal of Hillsborough Elementary School, Hillsborough, N.C. Here he talks about how his experience has shaped… Read More


PDK International Study Tours bring together two things I’m passionate about: education and travel. The mix of school visits and conversations with cultural experiences has offered me the chance to see new places and think about education in different ways.
DANIELLE DENNIS, PDK member and past Emerging Leader