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Trust and learning

We all learn best from individuals we know and trust. School leaders should consider ways to allow teachers to tap into the knowledge of their peers when they are introducing new ideas into schools…. Read More

Cyber skepticism

By Jack Schneider

Many in the world of education have become enamored with the promise of online learning.  At the college level, enthusiasm has primarily been channeled into talk about Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, which boosters say will democratize higher education.  At the K-12 level, advocates of… Read More

Metrics leading charters to blandness

For all the talk about a thousand flowers blooming, charter schools are sliding in the direction of monoculture and top-down governance…. Read More

Why I love the first day back

A teacher prepares for the first day of school…. Read More

Solving the problem of zeros in grading

By Thomas R. Guskey

Much ado has been made in recent years about the problem of zeros in grading.  Some districts have responded by stipulating that the lowest grade teachers can assign students is 50% rather than a zero. Districts that enact such policies have no intention of giving students… Read More

The wretched task of grading

By Timothy Quinn

I spent the past year writing a book about grading, and, so far, the result is that I can barely bring myself to put a grade on a paper or test, let alone a report card. The more I have thought about putting grades on student work,… Read More

Made you think

By Ann Melby Shenkle

Asking why leads one into complex thinking. What or who could be the one persistent influence that could make a child “smarter”?

Teachers are especially vital to higher-level thinking skills such as “thinking about thinking”, or using cognitive strategies. All children can learn to use strategies,… Read More

Education Leader Robert Dillon Explains How He Turns the Community into a Classroom for Young Adults

PDK, PLT and FEA members are making a mark in education in a number of ways. We recently spoke with one of these “change agents” — Robert Dillon, the Director of Technology and Innovation for the Affton School District in Missouri. Here is how he is making a difference.

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