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What’s going on?

Kids need help communicating about what happens at school each day…. Read More


The young have not given up on American education…. Read More

Diverse schools serve all of us

Truly diverse schools are an educational imperative and benefit all students and the broader society…. Read More

Better ways to use parent power

Children shouldn’t be stuck in failing schools, but parent trigger laws are not the answer for improving their situation…. Read More

Lesson plans from a tragedy

Personal tragedies tear at a school community but they can also strengthen a community’s bonds…. Read More

A university goes to school: Rethinking the university’s role in school reform

By Jessica Nina Lester, Robert Kronick, and Gavin Luter

There is no shortage of ideas around how to reform education, particularly for youth described as “at risk for failure.” In 2012 (see Lester, Kronick, and Benson), we described one approach to addressing the afterschool needs of youth in Knoxville,… Read More

What’s your definition of success?

How do you define success for students?… Read More

Staring down policy makers

Americans are confused and left behind by the developers of the Common Core…. Read More

Who benefits from closing city schools? Not the kids

By Jessica Shiller

The battles over school closings have been fierce nationwide. In Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Detroit, Baltimore, and Los Angeles, announcements of public school closings have been met with protest. Urban district leaders have been steadfast, insisting that failing schools must be closed to be able to provide… Read More

Special ed rights on steroids: Time to detox

Parental choice should not carry more weight than educators’ professional judgment regarding special education decisions, says Kappan author Mark Paige…. Read More