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Tipping education


I am wondering what it will take to tip education into a more student-centered approach to learning. Malcolm Gladwell’s 2002 book The Tipping Point charged me up — change can happen! Gladwell described transformations that were epidemic in nature, both for good and bad. The good… Read More

Different roles in tough times

Wise organizational leadership sees challenging times as opportunities to grow and learn…. Read More

Flavor of the month

New ideas are hard to accept and learning to put them into practice is even harder. But that’s the essence of learning…. Read More

What’s your definition of success?

How do you define success for students?… Read More

Why I love the first day back

A teacher prepares for the first day of school…. Read More

Understanding our diverse students by understanding ourselves first

By Eileen Gale Kugler

The principal considered the new student in front of her. She was concerned about  Carlos’ disrespectful behavior. “You look at me while I’m talking to you!” Mrs. Harris admonished.

What Mrs. Harris didn’t realize is that Carlos was being respectful. While the principal had been taught… Read More

Are you a BadAss Teacher?

A new BadAss Teachers Association page on Facebook is attracting thousands of members and hundreds of angry, irreverent, and funny posts and responses…. Read More

“Bogus” teacher prep ratings and Zagats

The National Center for Teaching Quality’s evaluation of teacher education programs represents poor research on a significant topic in education…. Read More

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