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Alfie Kohn On Creating An Innovative Classroom

07.30.13 | 1 Comment

A truly innovative classroom is a place where children are invited to learn, instead of forced to comply. It is a place where children can be active meaning-makers rather than passive receptacles. It is a place where facts and skills are learned in a context and for a purpose. Here ... Read More

Tips for Mentoring Student Teachers

07.01.13 | 0 Comments

Over the past seven years, I’ve spent many hours in high school classrooms mentoring student teachers. I’ve learned that my role as a mentor cannot be understated. Many student teachers seem quite capable, but they still benefit immensely from formative feedback and logistical support. Additionally, student teaching may be one ... Read More

How to Help Students Take Ownership of the Learning Process

06.01.13 | 2 Comments
Little learning occurs if students are not motivated. Even the most herculean teacher effort falls flat if students are disengaged. What is the solution?... Read More

Building Positive Relationships Between School Staff and Parents

05.21.13 | 2 Comments |

I am an elementary school principal and a former classroom teacher with over twenty years of experience building strong relationships between school staff and parents. I work with parents daily and I view them as valuable assets to the classroom and to my school. Over the years, I have worked ... Read More