Comment Policy

PDK International welcomes everyone to join our community and to comment appropriately. We want any PDK, Pi Lambda Theta, or Future Educators Association community to be a home for open, transparent conversations in which people connect, discuss, share ideas, and debate the issues. We are committed to maintaining a non-toxic atmosphere. Any decisions regarding the appropriateness of a comment is necessarily subjective, and while we prefer to err on the side of permissibility, ultimately decisions on community activity are at the sole discretion of the PDK International staff. If you have any questions or wish to report a violation of any of the following, please e-mail

The Good:

  • Comments that address the topic in the original posting
  • Comments that have a positive or constructive tone
  • Comments that are open to being contradicted by other readers
  • Comments that are respectful

The Bad: (violations of the following may result in the deletion of the comment and suspension of activity in the community for the violator)

  • Comments that attack a person instead of an idea
  • Comments that stray from topics related to the original post, education, the association, etc.
  • Content that violates copyright or trademark laws

The Ugly: (violations of the following may result in the deletion of the comment and violator’s removal from the community)

  • Comments that use excessive profanity or are abusive in nature
  • Comments that are threatening or promote hatred of any kind
  • Contain advertising or spam
  • Violate any terms of use specified by Facebook, Linked In, or Twitter

Because we don’t want to hinder lively debate, PDK International does not pre-moderate online comments. As such, community members may come across content that violates our policy before we have a chance to review and remove such content. Please help us in keeping all our online conversations appropriate by reporting violating content by sending an email to

We share content that we believe will spark conversation and be of interest to our followers. Content posted on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts for the PDK International family of associations does not necessarily reflect the values of these associations.