Frequently Asked Questions

These Frequently Asked Questions are in reference to the communication sent out to the PDK International network on October 2016 to address questions regarding the changes enacted by the Board.

Will all PDK chapters be closed?

No. We have no plans to close any PDK chapters.

What will the role of chapters be? How can chapters contribute to the new PDK vision?

Chapters will take a leadership role in developing the PDK networks that are part of the new PDK vision.

Chapters have been collegial groups defined by a shared interest and proximity.  Today’s technology means we can create networks of individuals who share a common interest but are not close geographically. For example, we might have a network of educators who share an interest in social-emotional learning or a network that shares an interest in how to engage the public in education. As we evolve into PDK networks, chapters and members-at-large will play a significant role in deciding the direction these networks will take.

Our initial network is Membership Task Force and it’s specifically for members and chapter representatives who want to help us define this new direction.

How do I join the Membership Task Force?

Initial participants of this task force are members who responded to the call to action in the monthly membership newsletter. This group will be participating in a conference call and launching our first Network in a private Facebook group. To become part of this group, please email with the subject line “The Future of PDK” and your Facebook name.

Without the PDK Foundation, where do my donations go?

The PDK Foundation has not gone away. The boards of PDK International and the PDK Foundation agreed that they could be more effective if they operated as a single board. That board will oversee all operations of the Foundation. Your donations will continue to go to the Foundation as they have in the past.

Can people still apply for scholarships?

Yes, PDK will continue to offer scholarships just as it has in the past, though some new developments may occur to improve the scholarship experience.

When will we receive chapter reimbursements?

The chapter reimbursement schedule has not been changed, nor has it been affected by this governance change. However the task force will discuss the reimbursement schedule.

What is happening to the current Foundation Board members?

Current Foundation Board members will complete their terms of service but as members of the PDK International Board of Directors. All board members — those from the Foundation and those from the association board — will have equal responsibility for both the Foundation and the membership association.

How will the new board be selected?

The PDK board has designated a task force of board members to design and construct a new board format. As those details are finalized, we will share them with members.