Last year, Phi Delta Kappan magazine received the prestigious Silver award from Association Media & Publishing for overall journal excellence.  Nowhere else can education leaders get in-depth knowledge about education topics such as Common Core implementation, changing assessments, teacher evaluation, privacy & data concerns, and new approaches to improving the quality of teaching.

As a PDK member, you know the value of the independent voice provided by Kappan magazine.  And you know the countless other benefits of being a part of a prestigious organization for educators such as yourself.

But we want to spread the word to other education leaders. That’s why we’ve created the “Member-Get- A-Member” campaign — and we are seeking your help.

It’s easy to participate.  From March through June, download and print the special Member-Get-A-Member application forms; enter your name and your PDK member number on the forms. Then give the application forms to education leaders you know. You can even scan the form and send it to potential members electronically. The campaign ends June 30, 2015.

For the first new member you sign up, you’ll receive PDK’s newest collection of hilariously funny Kappan cartoons, Learning Curves. In addition, we will enter your name in a drawing to receive an invitation to attend the release of the PDK/Gallup Poll in August 2015 with Kappan editor Joan Richardson. If selected, PDK will cover your airfare, hotel, and meals (total expenses of up to $1,000). You’ll have the chance to mingle with Washington insiders at this invitation-only event.

Every time one of the persons you’ve invited joins PDK, you earn another entry in the drawing for the PDK/Gallup Poll event. The more members you enlist, the greater your chance of attending this unique event.

Help us spread the word. Introduce others to PDK and Kappan magazine. Be a driving force in improving teaching and learning.  The power rests with our members.

Thank you for being a valued member of PDK.

New PDK members are eligible for $40,000 term life insurance for FREE, and no medical questionnaire is required. (Some restrictions apply.)