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PDK’s Practice-Ready Content Bundles are designed to help you get up to speed on key topics in K-12 practice, policy, and research. Let these curated collections of articles – drawn from Kappan magazine’s wealth of high-level content – serve to ground the discussion as your team sets out to analyze local priorities and plan for school or district improvement.

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Social Emotional Learning

Over the last several years, Kappan has done perhaps more than any other publication to introduce the concept of Social Emotional Learning (SEL), describe its research base, and trace its implications for K-12 policy and practice. Here, we’ve chosen seven pieces that not only provide a thorough introduction to the topic but also give readers a sense of what’s not yet known about SEL and how to implement it effectively in schools. 

Articles Included

Academic learning + social-emotional learning = national priority
Roger P. Weissberg and Jason Cascarino
Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 95, No. 2 (October 2013), pp. 8-13

On the science and teaching of emotional intelligence: An interview with Marc Brackett
Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 98, No. 6 (March 2017), pp. 20-24

Madam Secretary, help us improve social-emotional learning
Maurice J. Elias, Samuel J. Nayman, Joan C. Duffell, and Sarah A. Kim
Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 98, No. 8 (May 2017), pp. 64-69

An update on social and emotional learning outcome research
By Joseph L. Mahoney, Joseph A. Durlak, and Roger P. Weissberg
Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 100, No 4 (December 2018), pp.18-23.

Re-imagining social-emotional learning: Findings from a strategy-based approach
Rebecca Bailey, Laura Stickle, Gretchen Brion-Meisels, and Stephanie M. Jones
Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 100, No. 5 (February 2019), pp. 53-58.

Unintended lessons of SEL programs
Madora Soutter
Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 100, No. 5 (February 2019), pp.59-62.

Can we keep SEL on course?
Joshua P. Starr
Kappan Online, (March 21, 2019)

School Safety

Here’s a selection of articles on promoting school safety and — when tragedies do occur — responding effectively. Includes legal analyses by regular contributors Julie Underwood and Edwin Darden, a cautionary piece by PDK’s CEO Josh Starr on assigning armed officers to schools, and pieces from Kappan’s December 2013 special issue on “Recovering when the unthinkable strikes your school.”

Articles Included

Does safety conflict with parental rights?
Edwin C. Darden
Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 94, No. 7 (April 2013), pp. 68-69.

Responding to the unthinkable: School crisis response and recovery
Katherine C. Cowan and Eric Rossen
Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 95, No. 4 (December 2013/January 2014), pp. 8-12.

Do it now: Short-term responses to traumatic events
Thomas Demaria and David J. Schonfeld
Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 95, No. 4 (December 2013/January 2014), pp. 13-17.

Being the change: An inner city school builds peace
Marnie W. Curry
Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 95, No. 4 (December 2013/January 2014), pp. 23-27.

How schools heal after a tragedy
Cathy Kennedy-Paine, Melissa A. Reeves, and Stephen E. Brock
Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 95, No. 4 (December 2013/January 2014), pp. 38-43.

Mixing guns and schools
Julie Underwood
Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 98, No. 6 (March 2017), pp. 74-75.

Armed officers in schools: The good, bad, and ugly
Joshua P. Starr
Kappan Online (October 22, 2018)

Culturally Responsive Instruction

We start off this collection with a classic from 1990 — Geneva Gay’s Kappan article on “Achieving educational equality through curriculum desegregation” — and then move on to selections from the 2000s and 2010s, each one adding a new layer of nuance to the ongoing debate over how best to meet the learning needs of children from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Articles Included

Achieving educational equality through curriculum desegregation
Geneva Gay
Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 72, No. 1 (September 1990), pp. 56-62.

Diversity within unity: Essential principles for teaching and learning in a multicultural society
James A. Banks, Peter Cookson, Geneva Gay, Willis D. Hawley, Jacqueline Jordan Irvine, Sonia Nieto, Janet Ward Schofield, and Walter G. Stephan
Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 83, No. 3 (November 2001), pp. 196-198, 200-203.

Visiting room 501
Margaret Sauceda Curwen
Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 90, No. 10 (June 2009), pp. 756-761.

Culture in the classroom
Douglas L. Medin and Megan Bang
Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 95, No. 4 (December 2013/January 2014), pp. 64-67.

Shadowing a student shows how to make learning more relevant
Margery B. Ginsberg
Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 97, No. 4 (December 2015/January 2016), pp. 26-30.

A teaching makeover improves learning for diverse students
Kristina J. Doubet, Jessica A. Hockett, and Catherine M. Brighton
Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 97, No. 5 (February 2016), pp. 64-69.

Looking race in the face
Derek Mitchell, Jesse Hinueber ,and  Brian Edwards
Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 98, No. 5 (February 2017), pp. 24-29.

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