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Being a problem

If we believe that schools are shaping students for their eventual full-fledged roles as American citizens, then school discipline policies and classroom management practices should be about far more than shushing kids and keeping them in straight lines as they walk through the halls…. Read More

How to Manage Your Classroom After Spring Break

Student teachers and new teachers often say that they love teaching, adore the students, and have mastered the subject material. It’s classroom management that keeps them up at night, especially after spring break. While much has been written about classroom management, it remains a challenge for new and experienced teachers… Read More

Classroom culture: Democratic classrooms

By Beverly Logas Koopman

The culture of a classroom has a lot of impact on how a classroom operates minute by minute. Entire programs, like Responsive Classroom, have been built around this one reality. For more than a decade, I’ve been using a democratic approach to my classroom’s daily meeting…. Read More

The flexible classroom: Helping students with mental health challenges to thrive

Students with mental health challenges are increasingly present in our classrooms. A flexible classroom culture that’s proactive and supportive can prevent them from becoming disruptive, disengaged, and work avoidant, while leaving the teacher more available for teaching…. Read More

Write your own ending

What happens when an 11-year-old boy is put out of school for sassing a teacher?… Read More