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What matters is what’s measured — not who measures it

The PISA exam results convey useful information to national-level policy makers — but may not be so helpful to individual schools…. Read More

Out of time

Testing is depriving teachers of the opportunity to encourage students to think and create…. Read More

The data backlash

Done right, data collection benefits students more than anyone…. Read More

Nullius in verba

If the state wants to use a high-stakes test, it must be willing to share what it knows about validity of the test with the public…. Read More

Dispatches from the road to hell

New teacher evaluation policies may be backfiring…. Read More

Teacher evaluation: A good bet?

Teacher evaluation isn’t new and it has helped buffer schools from outside pressures and given a patina of legitimacy to operations. But our analysis tells us that there are wagers with much better odds than teacher evaluation…. Read More