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Hope and grit after Obama

As education shifts its focus toward grit and as candidates lay out their wishful campaign platforms, how do we enable students to sustain their hope for the future as a new president takes over?… Read More

A tribute to David Tyack

David Tyack died quietly this morning, Oct. 27, 2016, surrounded by the universal love and admiration of his students…. Read More

The unintended consequences of edTPA

The edTPA has proven detrimental to students’ growth and professional development… Read More

Listening to teachers

A survey of American teachers reveals how politics and the challenges of implementing reforms in a large, locally controlled system can create chaos for teachers and students…. Read More

Why I Teach

Mandy Mikita Scott teaches music because she believes music will enrich the lives of her students, no matter what kind of career they go on to…. Read More

Why I Teach

Chris Graves teaches because he believes he makes things a little better for students because of what he does each day they are in his classroom…. Read More

Why I Teach

Lisa Sarjeant teaches because she believes her students will change the world, and she cannot wait to see what they do…. Read More

Make sure states succeed too !

Passage of the new ESSA presents state and local leaders with new opportunities and challenges. They deserve support along with their newfound autonomy to ensure that they can be successful for themselves and for students…. Read More

What’s going on?

Kids need help communicating about what happens at school each day…. Read More

Now is the time for project-based learning

People seem to be built for project-based learning. So why aren’t we doing more of it?… Read More