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Exploring WWII in Munich and Berlin
Join PDK International for a 9-day tour through Germany in July 2017.
Enrollment closes March 15th.

PDK’s Germany tour offers a perspective that looks, not only upon the sights and culture of the country, but goes deeper into the heritage and legacies that history has instilled upon it.

Your travels will begin at the PDK main offices in Washington, DC. Take the day to explore the city and meet with PDK staff to learn what we are up to. We will board our plane as a group and wake up in Munich. During our five days in Munich, we will explore the Eagle’s Nest, Salzburg, Dachau, BMW museum, and a local school. We will then travel to Berlin, and spend four days exploring the city, traveling to Potsdam, the Wannsee Conference Museum, and the Cecilienhof Palace.

The trip will blend professional development, cultural experiences, and historical perspective through a WWII lens. This tour is offered in conjunction with EF tours, an international education tour group that has managed previous PDK trips.

A fully detailed itinerary can be found here.