PDK International Travel Program: Bring the World to Your Students

South Africa
July 11-21, 2020


Major Highlights:

  • School Visit
  • Visit and Explore Robben Island, Cape of Good Hope, and Johannesburg
  • Visit Kruger National Park for a safari
  • Visit Shangana cultural village

Summer 2021


Major highlights:

  • Beijing, Shanghai, Forbidden City
  • Great Wall and Terracotta Army
  • Rice paddy visit
  • Jade Buddha Temple

*PDK members will receive a $1,000 scholarship towards the trip. When you enroll, be sure to ask about the additional $350 in savings you can receive!

Benefits of the program:
By participating in the Travel Program, you will become a PDK Global Educator.This means that you will obtain a new membership standard for Distinguished Educators and a badge to add to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

After completing a trip, you will gain a deeper understand of your role as an educator on a global scale by learning about ecotourism through guided readings, videos, and a series of video meetings. This learning is meant to be informative, yet brief to fit into your busy lives as an educator.

  • Opportunity for School visits and meeting with officials or key educators in communities
  • Socializing with other teachers around the globe, and educators from around the United States
  • Sharing of ideas and knowledge with other educators
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of different cultures and how to bring this back to your students and communities
  • Opportunity to earn continuing education credits through EF
  • Land only, pay for your flight with points or extended your trip
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Free nights to explore on your own
  • Guided learning throughout the cities
  • Single tour guide from the moment you land until the moment you depart
  • Private tour ensures your comfort and safety

Thank you to the members of the PDK International Travel Program task force members for making this program possible!

Personally, I grew in the relationships I was able to develop with the other teachers. They have a wealth of knowledge that I now have access to.

New friends, new ideas, a broader vision of my world in THE world.

This trip presented me with new insights to consider when teaching my students.

I was extremely fortunate to take part in the 2017 PDK International Study Tour in Germany.  The tour had a rich emphasis on history and some of the many highlights included the Marienplatz in Munich, Mozart’s birthplace in Salzburg, Austria, the site of the 1945 Potsdam Conference, and the Brandenburg Gate.  The tour also offered some sobering reminders such as an excursion to Dachau Concentration Camp, visits to the Documentation Centers in Munich and Nuremberg, and a tour of the Wannsee Conference Museum.

My favorite part of the tour was a visit to an all-girl school (ages 10 to 16) called the Anne Frank Realschule. The gracious hosts were a diverse variety of second-generation German students whose parents came from the Congo, Croatia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Georgia (former USSR).  The knowledge and wisdom gained from the 2017 International Study Tour in Germany will help my future students and I better face the future.

The PDK International Travel Program is supported by the PDK Educational Foundation.

History of the PDK International Travel Program

Gerald H. Read began the PDK International Travel Seminar Program in 1961 with its first trip to the Soviet Union. Nearly 20 years later, Mr. Read and his wife established the Read International Travel Scholarship to provide financial assistance to PDK members who wanted to take advantage of the travel program. During the decades that Mr. Read led these trips, PDK members traveled to 65 nations, a tradition we have proudly continued into current times. The Read International Travel Scholarship continues to support educators experiencing the world through the renamed PDK Study Tour program.

2016 Peru                               2017 Germany                              2018 Panama

To ensure that this program continues to be a substantial benefit to PDK members a 2019 trip was not run, and the gap year was used to convene a task force of PDK members who advised on how the program should be updated. Each year PDK International has continued to fund educators international travel and bring the world back to students and communities.

We hope you join us!

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